The Website Queen is a big fan of Yoko’s Hair and Beauty, and enjoyed creating their Hallam Website Design to help spread the word about their brilliant service.

Located in Hallam, Victoria, Yoko’s Hair and Beauty offers an extensive range of hair styling services alongside extensions, treatments, piercings, and more, providing the local community with an all-in-one hub of style and beauty.

The website crafted for Yoko’s Hair and Beauty treats visitors to a smart and sophisticated design centred around Japanese cherry blossoms. Having roots in Japan, Yoko designed her salon with a modern Japanese aesthetic, seen at its peak in the image of a cherry blossom tree taken by her father. The website perfectly reflects this, with the same picture adorning the homepage and wowing visitors with its stark beauty.

Alongside this incredible design is a plethora of information detailing the services at Yoko’s Hair and Beauty, organised between demographic and content. This includes mens, ladies, kids, pensioners, special occasions, and hair extensions. Each demographic and service also have their own individual pages, breaking down the services therein and corresponding price. This ensures potential customers have all the information they need to book the appropriate service. Along with haircuts is a “Beauty” page outlining the additional services, including nails, waxing, spray tanning, and piercing.

Yokos Hair and Beauty - Hallam Website Design

The Hallam website design also boasts real pictures of haircuts and beauty treatments performed at the salon, providing customers with accurate insight into the quality of service. This is important, as many similar websites often opt for generic stock images that don’t reflect the abilities of the hairdressers. These unedited photos can be found on the home page, with the “See More” button opening up the Yoko’s Hair and Beauty Instagram for a showcase of their latest work. Also on the Home page is Yoko’s online store selling some of the products used by the salon, including renowned brands like Nak Hair and Olaplex. If Yoko’s Hair and Beauty seems like a good fit, then interested customers can find business hours, location, and the appointment phone number on the “Contact” page.

With comprehensive information bolstered by an enchanting design, customers will be able to learn everything about Yoko’s Hair and Beauty from the website alone, allowing them to make an informed decision supported by real prices, accurate photos, up-to-date service details, and more!

If you have a beauty-related business that could do with an online boost, just like this Hallam website design, contact The Website Queen today.


Yokos Hair and Beauty - Website Design Hallam