Seachange Care Services – NDIS Logo Redesign Narre Warren

We’ll give you the details on our latest post Seachange Care Services – NDIS Logo Redesign Narre Warren.

Our team was approached to transform the old company logo. Which has shades of blue, the sun and some hearts. Meanwhile inncorporating some of the old and injecting a taste of new colours.

If you don’t know much about Seachange Care Support Services, they specialise in mental health, learning disabilities, and Autistic spectrum disorders.

In addition to acquired brain injury, home care services, and accommodation.

They work to assist their clients with recognising their values, strengths and goals.

NDIS Logo Redesign Narre Warren - TWQ

Likewise emphasising the importance of improved health and wellbeing, independence, and community participation. Ultimately, enhancing meaningful relationships with family members and others in their lives.

NDIS Logo Redesign Narre Warren - TWQ

Taking all of these services into account, we created a logo to encompass the importance of their work.

While also representing the community.

We completely changed the icon and the colours within, making sure to keep the heart symbol at the centre.

However, we added hands around the outside, as recognition of the love and support they provide.

Changing up the colours, we chose the new options of soft pink and green. While the name in a more demure shade of blue, which all connect well with the NDIS logo itself.

Why is important to update or redesign your business logo?

While the idea of changing what you love may seem daunting, it’s important to update or freshen up your logo as the best way of setting your business apart from others around you.

As any business grows or changes, it’s important for the logo to be a reflection of those changes to continue representing your business as you want it to be seen and valued by your customers. Seachange Care Services – NDIS Logo Redesign Narre Warren gives only one of many logos we’ve changed.

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