Polished Concrete Garage Redesign

Website revamp time! Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a leading name in polished concrete flooring solutions to give some extra shine to their online presence. The team at EcoGrind knows what they stand for but needed our experience to help them redesign their website into a dynamic and user-friendly space that resonates with their eco-friendly ethos. We are humbly proud of what we were able to achieve for EcoGrind and we wanted to tell you all about it.

Pauline Woolley Website

From old to new

When we first chatted with EcoGrind about what they wanted from their website, their commitment to eco-friendly practices stood out, so this became a central theme in our redesign. Our aim for their website was to encourage audience connection by focussing on EcoGrind’s goals for sustainability. Colour became a tool for bringing a sense of nature and we added some interaction design elements to create a dynamic presence. Let’s go into it a little more.



Navigating a website should be as seamless as polished concrete – see what we did there? Of course, that’s what we aimed for in this redesign. A website’s usability greatly impacts a visitor’s journey so our team meticulously restructured the navigation, making it easier for customers to explore their range of services, results, and sustainability initiatives.


Colours speak volumes, and in the case of EcoGrind, their branding and website colour palette needed to echo their commitment to sustainability. By incorporating a range of soothing green and neutral tones, we helped the site mirror the eco-friendly nature of the products. The focus colour which is prominent throughout the site is a carefully selected calming green tome that evokes a sense of harmony and symbolises growth and eco-consciousness, which aligns perfectly with their brand identity.


Static websites are like plain concrete slabs—functional but lacking character. No business wants that, so we integrating interactive elements like image sliders. Now, visitors can truly visualise the possibilities of polished concrete in their own space and explore their options. Not only will it captivate website visitors, but it will also keep them engaged while they explore EcoGrind’s services.

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Websites are what we do

As a Melbourne-based web design studio, we understand the pulse of local small businesses, like EcoGrind. We love transforming websites into captivating narratives. So if your website could do with a little refreshing, contact us to chat. Let’s paint the digital canvas with innovation, just like we did for EcoGrind.