Latest Work – Pauline Woolley Website Redesign

Are you looking for a new website?

Maybe you are seeking a new look or design to spruce up the old one. Websites can age very quickly and it is crucial that they are kept up to date to keep people visiting your site.

The Website Queen recently had the pleasure of redesigning celebrant Pauline Woolley website for her business.

Want to know how a redesign can impact your business?

Pauline Woolley Website

Easy to Use

Sure, websites must be aesthetically pleasing. But, most importantly, it should be a breeze for customers to use. Just a couple of clicks and they have found what the service they are looking for.

In this redesign, we went for easy-to-use features so the website is accessible and fun to use.

It Looks More Sophisticated

Humans are visual creatures, which means we want to see attractive websites that immediately entice us. As you can see from the photos of the redesigned website, the redesign instantly made the site more sophisticated and modern.

We absolutely love how much sleeker the new site is, while still letting customers know all the crucial information.

It’s More Personalised

Websites these days are a dime a dozen.

That’s why it’s so important to not only make your site professional but also reflect the business at the heart of it.

With this new design, The Website Queen was able to insert some of Pauline’s trademark humour into her website, making it far more personalised for consumers.

We highlighted her services so customers could easily find them and know what they involved.


For a more detailed look at the website, visit Pauline Woolley Celebrant.

Pauline Woolley Website

Getting your website up to date can be a real pain.

If you’re anxious about redesigning it (or simply don’t have the time), get in touch with us. We will not only help you modernise your site but redesign it in a way that promotes and reflects your business.

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