Logo Design for December Moon

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December Moon Logo Final - Pakenham Logo Design
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Your new business logo should instantly tell viewers about what you do and is a reflection of your business’s tone.

Web designers are passionate about building your brand with you, bringing it to life with their professional and imaginative designs.

The Website Queen has put together a brilliant Pakenham logo design for December Moon, a new business that creates wild flower posies and resin table artwork for events. These artworks make use of carefully selected bunches of dried flowers along with resin to secure them in place. December Moon uses this resin art to create beautiful decorations for serving platters, making them ideal for catered events or anyone who is a lover of unique natural art.

Pakenham Logo Design Services

The Website Queen has perfectly showcased their graphic design capabilities with the logo they have made for December Moon.

Every new business needs a logo that communicates its services and purpose at a glance, and it’s especially important for a design-based business to broadcast their individual aesthetics.

The Website Queen has designed a logo for December Moon that incorporates flowers, which is a large part of their product design.

The gold circular frame over the purple water colour crescent moon reflects the shape and theme of their resin table artwork. This design perfectly encapsulates what December Moon represents and appeals to their target audience.

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