The Website Queen enjoyed working with Phoenix Lawyers to create their Logo and Website Design!

One of the services offered by The Website Queen is expertly crafted logo design.

We take much consideration and consultation with the client to ensure the logo accurately captures the feel of the business. Afterall, a logo should be attention catching and memorable to truly showcase what a business is all about.

Recently, The Website Queen undertook the task of  designing a logo for Phoenix Family Law.

An Adelaide law firm whose principal lawyer seeks to help her clients rise from the ashes with a sense of dignity and peace.


Bringing out the Values of our Clients

The objectives and values Phoenix Lawyers embody within their business, and request for a feminine tone to the design, was discovered by working together. The Website Queen approach to all design work is based on careful correspondence with their client.

Helping them determine their needs and providing advice as required.

This request was certainly fulfilled with the Phoenix Family Law’s new logo design.

Resulting in a beautifully crafted design with complimentary colorings of dark teal and green.

Incorporating a delicate use of negative space allowing the crisp white of the background to frame the logo.

Artistically drawn with feminine flowing curves creating elegantly stylized feathers and wings of a phoenix bird, these colours and themes were carefully selected to foster a wider symbolism of rebirth that delicately exemplifies the business’ core values.

The logo design’s versatility is a testament to The Website Queen’s expertise.  Appearing on a white background of the law firm’s website, the use of a neutral background makes it easily transferable to a letterhead while maintaining its professional design and unique aesthetic. The clever design of the logo also allows it to be effortlessly used on a black background should the client wish to do so. This flexibility demonstrates the foresight of the design process and has equipped the client with a timeless logo!

A logo should be a unique and memorable representation of a business that carefully displays their values.

The Website Queen has perfectly captured this through Phoenix Lawyer’s new logo design.

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