Keepsake Jewellery is another arm of the Narre Warren based Paint a Pot business, with workshops for people who want to create a unique gift or keepsake piece.

With a workshop at Keepsake Jewellery, you can create timeless pieces using glass art techniques and resin. Glass art involves learning how to cut and fuse glass elements to design and product jewellery art that is completely personalised and one-of-a-kind.

The Paint a Pot experience isn’t limited to pottery pieces and wall art.  With their Keepsake Jewellery classes, you can create pieces of jewellery that make wonderful statement pieces, for yourself or as a gift. From earrings and necklaces to bangles and cufflinks, the options are vast.

The Narre Warren Website Design for Keepsake Jewellery needed to be consistent with the rest of Paint a Pot’s branding, with a colour variation on the company logo that unifies the different parts of the business while still helping to define each one.

While a simple brochure website, the design was still important, especially having a fluid and coherent experience across all the Paint a Pot websites. This is particularly true as the header menu has links to all the brochure websites. So, while this (like all the other “pages”) is a standalone brochure website, they appear to be pages on a single website.

Why do we recommend doing this? Well, it’s fantastic for SEO, and that is a huge aspect of what website design and digital marketing is about. Keepsake Jewellery, like its other counterparts, has its own domain, and this can help make Google happy!

The website also features images of beautiful keepsake jewellery that has already been created by other crafty workshop attendees, as well as links to Facebook and Instagram and a Contact form.

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Keepsake Jewellery - Narre Warren Website Design