Latest Website – Instant Turf Melbourne

Instant Turf Melbourne is one of the latest additions to The Website Queen stable. With a new online presence, this Melbourne-based company is dressing up yards all over Victoria.

With the events of 2020, we are sure there is going to be a focus on backyard living when the weather warms up. If you are looking to improve your outdoor space, Instant Turf Melbourne has the best turf products at great prices.

Whatever your preference when it comes to grass, Instant Turf Melbourne has the ideal solution for your situation. Do you want the hardiest grass possible, or want something softer so that the kids can enjoy some barefoot time outside?

When this local turf company approached The Website Queen, we felt straight away that a simple, yet rustic style was the best fit. Beginning with their new logo, the rest of the website was designed and built around it so that all the elements complimented each other. The images of the turf varieties in their range, and the beautiful garden photos boosted the impact of the website.

Instant Turf Melbourne - Garden Website Design Melbourne

There is, however, so much more to the Instant Turf website than visual design. It has features such as sections for turf applications, information on how to choose the right variety of turf for your yard, and customer testimonials.

In addition, the extra functionality of a turf calculator, online store and instant chat were built into the website. All of these elements will go a long way in helping the team at Instant Turf Melbourne manage their sales and service quickly and easily.

The Contact Us section of the website includes a contact form, as well as details about the delivery areas by postcode. The handy Lawn Tips page has some great advice to help customers make the best choices for their space.

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