Industrial Website Designs Hallam

One of the most important parts of running a business is having a comprehensive website. For industrial website designs in Hallam, look no further.

People want solutions quickly, which means your business needs a catchy and comprehensive website and a prominent online presence to draw them to you. The industrial website design of this Hallam business is a perfect example of this.

Industrial Website Designs Hallam

When The Motorised Gate Company asked the team at The Website Queen to design a website, we were only too delighted to help.

The Industrial Theme Runs Right Through the Site

TMGC wanted a website that adequately reflects their specialty.

The Website Queen felt an industrial theme throughout the site would best meet their requests.

The company logo consists of grey, white and green, and the website colour scheme matches those to create an overall cohesive look.

All important information is in rectangular boxes or blocks with about 50 percent opacity.

The rectangular blocks subtly remind the customer that TMGC is all about gates and doors.

The moment a customer sees the landing page, they know immediately what TMGC is all about – “Experts in BI-FOLD Gate & Garage Door Solutions” is in the middle in large font.

Underneath, they’re told that TMGC will custom make gates or doors to fit their needs.

This will keep the customer on their site, eager to learn more about personalised gates or doors.

Industrial Website Designs Hallam - TMGC Website
Industrial Website Designs Hallam

The entire website has the same theme and colour scheme, with the landing page providing a detailed overview of their most popular products.

Running along the top are all the important links – contact info (phone, email and social media), and image gallery plus case studies.

Also near the top of the page are links information regarding how bi-folds and automation work, as well as residential and commercial solutions.

When the customer clicks on these, they’ll find comprehensive information.

TMGC don’t hold back on giving the customer exact details on their products – it gives a sense of integrity and professionalism, which is reassuring to the customer and will give them reason to hire them.

The Website Queen provides specialised website design services to clients across all business sectors in and around Melbourne.

TMGC were thrilled with the look of the website, and they have been thriving.

Ask The Website Queen to help you with your digital marketing needs.