There are plenty of great reasons to book Casey Kids Parties at Paint a Pot in Narre Warren, and this Casey website design highlights all of them.

Catering to kids of all ages – from preschool to adult – you can create a memorable party for the ones you love at this unique party and play venue with Casey Kids Parties.

When you book a kids party at Paint a Pot, they get to explore their creativity while painting plaster pieces, play in the soft play area, eat awesome party food, and take home their artwork at the end (they can also leave the piece to fired in the kiln overnight if they want to pick it up the next day).

Open 7 days per week, there is something for everyone, including a café with delicious coffee that parents can enjoy while they watch the kids soak up the creative fun.

For this Casey website design, it was important that it was coherent with the rest of the Paint a Pot brochure websites. A brochure website might be small, but it can be mighty when done correctly. In this case, Paint a Pot has a suite of brochure websites for every element of their business, each one with its own SEO-friendly domain.

In this particular situation, having a domain that is location and industry specific is a big win, being a popular search term for their target audience. Adding it to all the other brochure websites, each with their own fantastic domain, creates the seamless look and feel of a single website, even though each “page” is a website unto itself!

A highly effective technique, The Website Queen team encourages clients to look outside the box for strong SEO solutions. If this sounds like something your business could use, get in touch with us today.

Casey Kids Parties - Casey Website Design