Blog Title                      Include keyphrase, preferably at the start of the title


Opening Line                Opening paragraph for the blog, must include keyphrase, maximum of 25 words

Second Paragraph        Must include keyphrase, maximum of 40 words

Third Paragraph           Must include keyphrase, regular length paragraph.

Closing Line                  Add a closing line with a call to action.  Use “CLIENT” for the business name.



All standard content paragraphs should be shorter than 300 words.

If the blog is longer than 500 words, consider introducing some sub-headings, though this is not essential.

Check for repeated content before submitting, including phrases and concepts.

Vary opening and closing lines across blogs.

The keyphrase is your guide – this is your focus for the blog, so that it doesn’t become a generalised article.

If pictures have been included in the brief, please use these to steer the direction of your blog – the article should be about these pictures and connect to the keyphrase.


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