The Website Queen has clients from multiple industries, including the finance sector. The website we crafted for Beltro Group is one of our favourite designs.

Beltro Group is a new business that offers accessible lending services and believes in loans that are tailored to the unique needs of each of their clients.

With banking and lending partners Australia-wide, Beltro Group makes it easier for prospective clients to find the right lending solution for their needs, be it for residential, business, or personal purposes. This includes life-long investments, holidays or vacation finances, emergency funds and mortgages. Its founder, Arshak Badelian, is an experienced professional dedicated to creating solutions and removing unnecessary worries for his clients’ financial goals.

The Website Queen team was happy to help with Beltro Group’s redesign and rebranding.

Beltro Group - Website Design Scoresby

From plain graphics to eye-catching designs, we gave the business a new look to help boost their online presence. The colour scheme, for example, required both simplicity and boldness: it needed to be seen in both the logo and the website, and fit the overall professional look that the founder, Arshak, wants to impart to his audience. Pinks and blues were definitely out of the question. The wording for the website also required close inspection; along with our client, we determined the appropriate wording for particular services so as not to mislead clients, and clearly outline the financial services offered by Beltro Group. The website was optimised not only with looks, but with overall accessibility. Each section of the pages of this website is distinct from the rest, creating a clear divide between one and next, while also maintaining a sense of cohesiveness. The colours were chosen so that Beltro Group’s prospective audience can see each vital content item clearly, with contrasting colour schemes between text and background.

Overall, the website for Beltro Group was designed to be clean, simple, and informative for their clients. Out team was happy to work with them to achieve the vision that they had for their emerging online presence.

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Beltro Group - Website Design Scoresby