For all those sporty types out there, the hunt for great compression wear is one that is known all too well.  The Website Queen has found some, and worked with Tikr Endurance to help create the perfect Australian sports compression wear website.

Specialising in quality compression clothing, Tikr Endurance needed a stand-out Australian sports compression wear website to not only give the company a solid digital presence, but also provide a convenient online store that sells quality compression sportswear.

The goal of the website was to create an efficient website with an online store, but also to create a feeling of confidence for their consumers.

The website has informative pages: Home, Features & Benefits, About Us, and a Contact page. The online store is divided into three main categories: Womens, Mens, and Boys & Girls.

The web design itself is energetic, and compliments the unique logo design.  Predominantly black, with red and white accent colours, the layout and design elements have a clean and vibrant look that Tikr Endurance wanted to project.

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Australian Sports Compression Wear Website – Tikr Endurance