Animals In Action – Logo Redesign Narre Warren

A logo serves as the face of a company. A great one will encapsulate the company’s essence, mission, and values.

We were excited to take on the creative endeavor to craft a logo that does all of that for Animals in Action. As a unique provider of animal training services in the entertainment industry, the logo redesign journey wasn’t just about aesthetics but about capturing their commitment and passion.

Who are Animals in Action?

Animals in Action are Melbourne’s leading animal trainers for film and TV.

Founded by Leeza Hura, an animal trainer for film and TV working in the Australian Film Industry since 1995, Animals In Action stands as a trusted name.

They are committed to providing the best trainers and upholding absolute care and safety for the pets they work with. And their humans!

Final Logo

We wanted to ensure their core values come through their new logo. Here’s how we did that.

Core values and principles first

At the heart of Animals in Action’s mission lies the commitment to communication and cooperation between humans and animals.

They specialise in animal training with a focus on animal behaviour and the importance of welfare.

Our designers used these core values to create a logo that reflects these principles within a modern visual.

Animals and their humans

The simple image of a person interacting with animals is powerful as it embraces the essence of the company’s work to connect animals and their humans through mutual respect.

The human’s hand and the dog’s paw symbolise that mutual understanding and agreement between the two. This highlights the importance of shared agreement as opposed to control and reflects trust and rapport.


Cat on TV Set
Cat on TV

Stars in their eyes

Of course, the gold star reflects the entertainment industry focus. It is less prominent and behind the the silhouette to reflect the importance of communication first, stardom second.

We went with clean, unassuming typography to showcase professionalism and reliability. The overall design is sleek and modern, reflecting Animals in Action’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Looking good

This sparkly new logo has already taken its place on the company’s website. As the first thing potential customers and industry professionals see, it serves as a reminder of the company’s unwavering dedication to animal communication and welfare before all else.

We had so much fun working with Animals in Action and are thrilled we were able to represent them in a clean and fun logo design.


And now, your turn?

So, there you have it. A logo is so much more than just a picture you whack on your site without thought. If your current logo doesn’t quite encapsulate the soul of your business, it might be time… no, it IS time, to update and show the world who you really are. We would love to help.

Are you looking for a new logo or ready for a redesign? Contact us at The Website Queen to see what we can do for you.